Using the lessons of this guide, you will not only continue to enjoy the benefits Entrepreneurship while making an impact, but you will no longer allow the distractions to sidetrack the growth of your business. 

In this Free Guide, I'll Show You..

How to be productive and reach a level of success by bringing awareness to your distractions so that you can avoid them. You'll spend fewer hours focused on menial tasks and can allocate additional effort to completing bigger, more meaningful projects

The 3 most important tips

  • How to identify your distractions and make them work for you so that you don't lose clients, are able to grow your business with less stress and frustration. 

  • How to reward yourself by not taking on other people's self- limiting beliefs. Entrepreneurship has to be a personal journey, and can't be compared.

  • How to manage your To-Do lists and the importance of prioritizing your tasks; so that you have more time to do the things you love while focusing on your clients to the best of your ability. Not just busy, but being fully present.

More than 1,000 people have already downloaded this free guide and improved their business using what they learned about their distractions. Some were clueless about it before starting or were not totally convinced.

About the Author

I’m Excited To Share The Pivotal Pieces to Entrepreneurial Success Guide With You!

My name is Cynthia, I am one of the most sought after virtual assistants, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) whose assistance has changed the lives of many business owners.

I am compelled by a vision to assist entrepreneurs as they ascend in their success to increase their productivity on a daily basis, reduce their stress levels, provide work/life balance that allows them to attract an audience, build their list, generate revenue and spend quality time with their family. 

As founder and CAO of CYNASSISTS™, a professional virtual administrative firm that provides support to C-suite executives, publicists, life coaches and entrepreneurs. I am passionate about delivering premier service as I am an entrepreneur too and know firsthand of the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful.  

I've been behind the scenes (administrative support) for some of the highest C-suite executives, publicits, life coaches and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. 

I'm determined to fulfill this vision with integrity and in a way that serves CYNASSISTS's clients to the highest degree possible.  
I know because I care about my legacy and how it’s reflected, I can heighten the value of my client’s brand that much more. 

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